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I just rewatched Casino Royale and this guy is definitely one of ...

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CASINO ROYALE is the best Bond film because of ... - reddit Discussion CASINO ROYALE is the best Bond film because of Bond's relationship with Vesper Lynd (self.movies) submitted 1 year ago by dawushu /r/movies Veteran I’m tempted to say that the reason Casino Royale so outclasses every subsequent Daniel Craig Bond film is because of Eva Green.

Dec 23, 2010 · Feeling dejected and still lacking a solid understanding of Casino Royale's ending, I returned to my hotel room, fell on the bed, and had a bizarre dream: I was at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, under the guise of Polonius, the great windbag; and Professor Otfried Götz, who was now convinced he was Plato, confronted me at the entrance and

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Casino Royale didn’t start the gritty-reboot trend; that was probably Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, the year before, which had done similar work in taking its ’60s-vintage hero from extreme ’90s goofiness to something grimier and more intense. But Bond really needed a gritty reboot, probably more than even Batman had.

Spectre ending: A serious attempt to explain it | Nov 10, 2015 · And not just any girl. Madeleine Swann feels constructed as a perfect echo of Casino Royale‘s Vesper Lynd — this time, with a happier ending. Bond learned Vesper was a traitor in Venice, when Casino Royale (2006 film) - Wikipedia Casino Royale was the 4th highest-grossing film of 2006, and was the highest-grossing instalment of the James Bond series until Skyfall surpassed it in November 2012. Upon its release in the United Kingdom Casino Royale broke series records on both opening day—£1.7 million —and opening weekend—£13,370,969. Hey 007, Here’s Where You Can Stream Every Single James